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VI AENB AWARD for the associate with “The Most Outstanding Professional Trajectory”: Náutica Rosselló

Náutica Rosselló is a family company founded in 1995 by Juan Rossello, who was also the secretary of AENB until last year, when he sadly passed away. The recepction of 26 trophies during these 18 years awarded by the brands in representation are a testimony of the excellent management of the company. For this reason Náutica Rosselló receives the award for “The Company with the Most Outstanding Professional Trajectory”, given by AENB at the Annual General Meeting this year. We interview Tina Campins, one of the people who has worked in the company since its foundation.
This year you have received the award for the most outstanding professional trajectory. What does this mean to you?
This prize honours the memory of our beloved founder Juan Rosselló, who sadly is not with us anymore, and awards the great work that he has done both within Náutica Rosselló and outside it during a long time. We receive this award in the name of Juan Rosselló.
Could you talk to us about the trajectory of the company? When and how was it started?
Juan Rosselló worked in the nautical sector for more tan 30 years. He was the director of the nautical sector of Socias y Rosselló. In ´94 he started to think about setting up his own business, and due to various circumstances and changes in that company, he decided to launch on his own and founded Náutica Rosselló in February 1995. Then the company had only 2 people on fixed contract and a mechanic on an hourly rate. We started without any direct distribution rights, just with some brands on secundary line. We had a workshop of 200 m2, when 100 would have been enough, and the telephone rang about twice a day (and that on good days!) But thanks to the hard work of Juan Rosselló the clients started coming in and getting to know us…We had two years of hard work and very meagre outcome, but from ´97 onwards we started to see the results of the hard work and the invested time. After observing our evolution over a period of time, the suppliers conceded us direct distribution rights of some of the best brands on the market, and thats how we started receiving some of the awards, like the one for the number 1 in sales in Spain of inflatables Bombard and Zodiac. From there on the company simply took off.
How has the business been going in the recent times?
Until 2007 very well. From 2008 onwards not so well, supposedly it is the same across the whole sector. The invoicing has reduced considerably over the last years, as well as the purchases, obviously.
Náutica Rosselló is a family company and the generational change-over is guaranteed…
We have always been a family company and functioned as such, meaning that the staff that are not part of the Rosselló family seem like they were. They are people who have been with us for a long time. After the passing of our founder Juan Rosselló, his two sons Sebastián and Gabriel have taken over the management, so the generational change-over has already been done.
Unfortunately this business model seem to be progressively disappearing.
Yes, as increasingly the of the children want to try something different than the activities their parents dedicated themselves to. The crisis has strengthened this tendency even more. In some sectors the parents themselves encourage the children to take another route rather than to continue with the family business, either because the business is not going well or they prefer that their children don´t need to make the same sacrifices as they had to. But even so we believe that in Mallorca family businesses continue to be important, although it is true that the number is decreasing.
What are your challenges in the future?
To stay afloat, which means a big effort and hard work every day. We have recently renovated the Quality Certificate ISO 9001-2008 and by law we have already adapted the LOPD ( The Organic Law of Data Protection). When it comes to the actual activity of the company we have various projects for the future, but of which we prefer not to talk about too much…not to be jinxed later on. The majority of the projects are within the nautical sector, some not, as now is the moment to diversify a little and to modernize, without having to resort to big investments.
You have recently moved to new premises…
Yes, we believe that the change has been for the better. The premises we had before didn´t have exhibition space, it was more like a big storage with a small workshop. Now we have a big exhibition hall but also a good size workshop. We have four times more space in the workshop (the mechanic is very happy). Our clients appreciate the change since we have now a large exposition with lots of light and also a window display, something we never had before. From now on we´ll see how we get on adapting to all the changes we have been through and to the times we are facing. We have to remember that the nautical sector is one of the most affected by the crisis.
What services and products do you offer?
Sales, repair, custody and maintenance of boats with outboard engines. We are distributors and oficial service agents in Mallorca for the Zodiac inflatables and semirigid boats, Yamaha outboard engines, and fibre boats of the brands Sessa, Dipol and Pacific Craft. But if a client prefers to deal with another model or brand, we are pleased to go the extra mile to find him what he wants.
What are the main problems you face in your day to day business?
The main problem we have had during the last years is the financiation for our clients. We offer financiation for our clients through a financial entity. The boats we deal with have normally less than 12 m of length, and our clients are from the middle class. They are are not superrich who buy superyachts. Many of them are fishing enthusiasts or weekend sailors who want to have a boat less than 12 m to go on family outings. They have some capital saved and want to have financiation for the rest. Five years ago this was fairly easy. It was enough to have a steady income, and with a simple phone call and a fax things were arranged in half an hour. But it is different now; there are many obstacles, they ask for properties and guarantors… this is something our clients totally reject. A high percentage of our clients are self employed, which is another hándicap when looking for financing, the banks doors stay closed for autónomos.
And when it comes to the relationship with the Public Administration?
It is not our principal source of income, we invoice the Administration approximately 15% of the total. As with everybody who deals with the Administration, we have also had trouble receiving payment for some invoices. Now, in theory at least, the issue seems to be solved and they are paying. When it comes to bureaucracy, nothing has really changed compared to the recent years. They have made it a bit easier to register the boats, giving the possibility to “inscribe” them rather than “register”, avoiding some of the paperwork and shortening the waiting times. It is worth mentioning that while previously we used to have trouble finding moorings, that is not the case anymore. Before clients came in and said “if you can find a mooring for me Ill buy a boat”. Not anymore, we dont sell small and médium size boats just to fill the moorings that are available.

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