Friday, February 8, 2013

The number of recreational vessels in Spain decreased by 12,3% in 2012.

The recreational boating sector continues to decline for the fifth consequtive year, with a drop of 12,3% in the number of recreational boat registrations in Spain, slightly less than last year when the drop was 14%, but still a clear reflexion of a depressed market. 

This can be deduced from the Market Report for the Recreational Boats in Spain, based on the data for the year 2012 collected by the Direction General of the Merchant Marine, edited by the National Association of Nautical Businesses (ANEN) and published this Friday. 

Between January and December 2012, a total of 4.845 recreational boats were registered in Spain, compared to the 5.522 in the previous year, a deterioration that has been accelerating throughout the year, after the decline by 8,7% during the first quarter. 

According to the association, the “instoppable” drop in boat sales is “a consequence in part of the high taxation that the sector is subjected to, compared to the alternative of the more popular charter, an option that continues to grow. In fact, the recreational boat charter grew by 26,7% in 2012. 
By the type of boats, the jetskis grew by 5,6%, reaching a market share of 12,18%, almost two percent points more, while the registrations of semirigid inflatables grew only by 0,83%, with a market share of 20,12%, almost three percent points more. 

The rest of the markets lost registrations, lead by the motor boats with a drop of 20,5% and almost a five percent points loss of the market share to a 45,59%. Sailing yachts followed in the wake with a drop of registrations by15,4% , market share now 7,16%. Soft inflatables dropped 10,3%, and have now a market share of 14,94%. 


By length, the number of boats less than 8 meters fell by 12,3% in 2012, although they continue to have a lion´s share of the market with 88,73%. Boats between 8 and 12 meters had a smaller drop, 6,5% and increased their market share slightly to 8,63%. The largest boats suffered the biggest drop of registrations. The boats between 12 and 16 meters fell by 25,25%, resulting a market share of only 2% and the boats over 16 meters dropped by 28,6%, ending up with a market share of mere 0,62%, despite being the segment with most potential to generate employment and consumption in the nautical sector. 


The charter market closed the books of 2012 with an increase by 26,7% in the number of registrations, 280 in total compared to 221 last year. The boats up to 8 meters were the most sought after charter boats last year, with a growth of 36,6%. By the type, the jetskis showed the best performance with a rise of 36,6%, followed by sail with a growth of 12%. The motor boats however receded by 23,53% and the semirigid inflatables didn´t register any registrations at all. 


The provinces with the largest representation in the recreational boat market in 2012 were Barcelona (14,47%), Balearic Islands (11,43%) and Cadiz (7,24%) which overtakes Madrid and leaves it in fourth position (5,99%). 

Cadiz stands out with 352 registrations in 2012, showing an increase of 28,10% , followed by Barcelona (701 registrations, -1,41%), Balearics (554 registrations, -2,98%) and Madrid, which suffered a drop by 31,12% with its 290 registrations.

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