Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet our associate: Essentials Yacht Provisioning.

ESSENTIALS YACHT PROVISIONING. For ten years this company has dedicated to provide food, drinks, wines, cleaning and utensils to yachts in Mallorca and Ibiza. AENB's communication service has contacted with the director of Essentials, Ruth Kirwan, to know a bit more about this company.

Could you talk me about the trajectory of the company?
I worked in the yacht sector as a cook/chef (I had a catering company) and when I finished I decided to supply the boats and use the contact that I had and provide a good service.

How have you evolved since the beginning?
Now we have a franchise of wines with Vins Sans Frontieres (VSF) in France and we have expanded. Now we provide food, drinks, wines, cleaning and utensils. Practically anything. We do not provide engineering or anything like that, or kitchen stuff. We do a complete provisioning service. If you are interested in going more deeply in what we offer, you can enter in our webpage. Before long, we will open a page in Facebook.

How have you fared the tourist season that has ended?
A little bit strange. Some boats were without changing. Others, specially the small ones, have not asked us much. A lot of management companies now are in the frame and budgets are tighter. All in all, we had a reasonable year considering that the season has gone actually longer. Although in September and October was not very good but we made up for that in November. So, but for us the main problem is the matriculation tax because the big boats in July and August are all gone. That it is our problem really. We can't provide them the food and the provisioning.

How does your company approach the next years?
With lots of hope and expectations. We hope that it will go better. This year we are going to be in Ibiza in the summer to supply wines because so many boats go straight there. So we'll try and get some of that market. And we just hope that things will get a little bit better. I think we'll be fine.

Why did you decide to join the AENB? What year?
I think that it's important that very small companies like us have a means, a platform. We joined in 2010. It's a lobby good. You do a great work. I think it's important that we all work to try and improve what's here. I think it's an excellent organization.

What services do you value most about the AENB?
I like the information. I like the fact that you have been lobbying to try and end the matriculation tax. That's really good for me. I have a look at the website and I try to keep up on what's happening. I just think you provide good support. 

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