Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15% discount for AENB members on exhibition space at the Palma Boat Show.

On the 18th of January the Direction of Projects and Services of IDI came to a decision to give the members of the AENB a 15% discount when booking space at the next Palma Boat Show from 1st to the 5th of May. This discount is a product of work carried out by AENB during 2012 in the negotiations with the government within the framework of the Organizing Committee of the Palma Boat Show, of which AENB is one of the most active members. The government is aware that the members of AENB are a large and important group of exhibitors at the Show, and want to give incentive to, if possible, even more extensive participation. Besides, AENB has committed to put its own channels in service to market and sell the Palma Boat Show. 

Those companies and professionals that are members of AENB are required to present a certificate of membership when booking the space. The discount is applied for the mooring rates as well as for exhibition space on land. 

This is a culmination of intense work carried out from the first quarter of last year, when it was announced that the government would give the entrepreneurial sector the decisive weight when planning the new model of the Show. 
AENB, as one of the entities forming part of the Organizing Committee of the Palma Boat Show, presented the project last September. The committee, and the various public and private entities that form part of it, accepted the proposal in which AENB had invested numerous hours of work and human resources. 

The president of AENB, Margarita Dahlberg, explained that “ the new Show will be an investment for the future of our sector, and also for the complimentary services and commerce of the islands. It will be an event with a potential to attract a larger cuantity of both visitors and professionals”. 

“But we must not forget that this is a project planned by entrtepreneurs for entrepreneurs, which convinces us that this new format of the show will be very attractive also for the exhibitors”, the president pointed out.

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