Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"The new model for the Palma Boat Show is a commitment to the future of the sector”

The Association of Nautical Businesses in the Balearics (AENB) has expressed their satisfaction after the presentation to President Bauzá of the 30th Palma Boat Show. It is a culmination of intense work carried out since the first quarter of the year, when it became known that the government would give a decisive weight to the business sector when it came to designing the new model for the Show.

AENB is one of the entities that form the Advisory Council of the Palma Boat Show. Last September AENB presented to the Advisory Council a project prepared over several months and in which innumerable hours of work and human resources were invested. The Advisory Council and all the public and private organisms that form part of it accepted the proposal and it was presented to the public.

The entry fees won´t cost more than 5 €, while the professional visitors enter without payment. 9 separate areas form the exhibition:
  • Superyachts and brokerage.
  • Nautical Tourism (as destination): Bases for nautical tourism, ports and marinas, geographical areas with options for water sports, clubs and associations with support services for the practice of water sports, sailing schools, fishing, diving etc…
  • Marinas/ports and boat rental: construction and maintenance of boats, ship builders, boat yards, workshops etc…
  • Local and traditional yachting of the Balearic Islands: boat builders, groups of national importers, groups of distributors by areas, nautical equipment and accessories etc…
  • Sea schools
  • Repair and maintenance of boats
  • Recreational fishing
  • Second hand market

There will be 202 moorings from 8 to 55 m of length divided between the docks in La Lonja, La Escalera Real, Moll Vell and Consigna. There will also be more than 5.000 m2 of exhibition areas on land, between covered surfaces and open air.
Parallel to Palma Boat Show there will be a series of activities that form the International Nautical Week of Palma de Mallorca, objective of which is to design a very media friendly product with high commercial return.

After the audience the president of AENB and the secretary of FENIB, Margarita Dahlberg praised the attitude of Bauzá and his total support for the nautical sector. Dahlberg expressed also that “the new Show is a commitment to the future for our sector, and also for the complementary services and the commerce of the islands. It will be an event with a potential to attract larger number of both visitors as well as professionals”. “But we must not forget that this is a project for entrepreneurs planned by entrepreneurs, which makes us believe that the new format of the Show will be very attractive also for the exhibitors”, clarified the president of the association. Dahlberg pointed out that “another reason for satisfaction that we should appreciate is that the Show will continue to be able to finance itself, as it has done since the very beginning, and this speaks volumes for us as a sector”.  

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