Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ANEN has edited the Market Report for Recreational Craft from January to September 2012

Anen has edited the Market Report for Recreational Craft from January to September of 2012. The full document can be accessed through the link http://www.anen.es/index.php?op=menu&mid=5&smid=50

The main industry data for this period is highlighted below: 

- Between January and September 2012 4294 pleasure boats were registered in Spain, which is a decrease of -10.45% compared to the 4795 registrations recorded in the same period last year. 

Of concern is the fact that the month of September has seen a fall of -32.44% over the same month in 2011, from the 336 registrations recorded last year to 227 today. 

- By market sections, the growth in registrations of rigid RIBS (+6.2%) and jets skis (4.4%) stand out. By contrast, the motor boats experienced the largest decline (-19.6%), followed by sail (-12.5%) and inflatable RIBS(-9%). 

The motor boats are still the most popular, with a market share of 44.8%, five points below of the same period of 2011 (49.9%). Rigid RIBS are in second place with a 20.47% share, increasing from 17.3% last year. The inflatable RIBS maintain 14.9% (three tenths more than last year), while the jet skis go up 1.8 points to reach a market share of 12.8%. The sail loses two tenths and stays with 7.0% market share. 

- By lengths, the market is dominated by vessels less than 8 meters that account for 89% of the demand, but with an annual fall of -10.4%. 

The segment of 8-12 meters is the one that has best withstood the fall with a decrease of -5.7% and increased its market share to 8.4%. The bigger vessels fall sharply: the boats from 12 to 16 meters (-22.5%) and high segments (over 16 meters) retreat a -35.3%. 

The charter market 

- The positive results of the charter market, already evident since mid-2011, highlight the importance this subsector is gaining within the recreational yachting market. In the period between January and September 2012 265 boats have been registered for charter representing a growth of 26.8% over the same period in 2011. With the exception of the month of September this year, when only 3 boats have been registered for charter compared to 8 in September 2012. 

By lengths, the most demanded for charter are the small ones (up to 8 meters) that have grown 32.9%, accounting for 85.3% of the total charter boat market. The lengths of 12 to 16 meters also grow (6.5%), capturing 12.5% of the market. 

Small craft by province 

- Barcelona, Balearic Islands and Cadiz are the three provinces with the highest market share of pleasure boats. Between January and September 2012, the increase of the market share of Cadiz (7.01%) stands out, taking over Madrid as the third province for market share with 301 registrations in this period. 

Balearic Islands has maintained the same number of registrations (507) recorded in the same period of 2011. Barcelona, meanwhile, is down -1.69%, with 641 registrations for far this year.

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