Friday, April 6, 2012

Nautical fair and celebration of SEPIA

The municipality of Alcudia is preparing once again the "Fira Nautical and gastronomic Sepia", which this year will be held on the 21st and 22nd of April at the Port of Alcudia.

This fair celebrates its seventh edition in 2012 and its organization is a place for sailing, cuisine and culture, it presents a comprehensive program that is attractive to visitors you can view the programme  here .
Since this year the Palma Boat Show is not celebrated, the association offers you this alternative option with the following advantages:

-The exhibition at the fair is free. 'The only cost for participation is 60 € for exhibitors by way of promoting the fair, in order to achieve maximum possible number of visitors, for FENIB  partners, this promotional cost is 50 € and as a member of FENIB or AENB can offer this special price to all interested partners.

Also this year, with the collaboration of FENIB,  for the first time a boat parade will be held, on saturday at 20:30 h. The spectacle will be a pioneer in our islands and shall include a part of traditional boats and one chosen by the exhibitors.
To participate as an exhibitor at the fair, must complete the following form: ( Castilian , Mallorca )make a transfer to the 6438 2090 65 0200099947 and send all documentation to: MARGARITA Ginart TEL: 651 890 961 FAX: 971 546 515 EMAIL: ATTACHMENT:PROGRAM OF THE FIRA.

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