Thursday, March 6, 2014

The recreational boat registrations grow by almost 5% in February

The market stabilizes during the first months of 2014 around similar numbers as in the same period last year. From October 2013 on, the recreational yacht market leaves the negative numbers and reflects a tendency of certain stability, with hopes of some growth by the end of 2014. In February the registrations of motor boats, jet skis and semirigid inflatable ribs grow.

Madrid, 4th of March 2014. - According to the information provided by the Directorate General of the Merchant Marine, and after thorough analysis by the Spanish Nautical Trade Association, in February 2014 in Spain 217 recreational boats have been registered, which means a growth by almost 5% in comparison to the 207 registrations in February 2013.

"Our predictions of stability and moderate growth of the nautical market are starting to materialize. The result of February leads us to believe that at the end of 2014, the sector will face a noticeably better situation than in 2013", declared Carlos Sanlorenzo, the general secretary of ANEN.

The charter market continues to grow in the first months of 2014. With 19 vessels registered for charter use, between January and February of this year, the charter market registers an increase by 58,33% compared to the balance of the same period last year, when 12 vessels for charter use were registered. To the same extend, compared to the data of January-February 2007 (the year before the crisis), the charter market has grown so far this year by 46,15%.
By length, the boats between 8 and 12 meters grow by 17,86% in February 2014 compared to the same month last year, followed by the segment of 12 to 16 meters with an increase by 10%. The lengths up to 8 m show a slight fall of -1,98% and the lengths above 16 m experience the largest fall (-40%).

By type of boats, jet skis grow by 20,83%, motor boats by 2,44% and semirigid inflatable ribs by 3,33%. The registrations of inflatable ribs fall by -20% and sailing boats by -3,03%.

By provinces, the total so far in 2014 (January + February) it is worth mentioning the growth in Cadiz (52%), reaching the largest market share (9,67%), followed by the Balearic Islands, which despite the fall in registrations by -15,79% still reaches a market share of 8,14%. Barcelona occupies the third place with a growth of registrations by 11,54% and a market share of 7,38%. Malaga is next with a market share of 6,62%, and an increase of registrations by 30%, then A Coruña, also with a market share of 6,62% although with a fall by 7,14% in registrations.

There is also a notable growth (92,31%) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with a following market share of 6,36%.

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