Monday, November 11, 2013

Fiscal approximation between ports?

The president of the Port Authority, Alberto Pons justifies the differences between the rates paid by the marinas controlled by the Government through the Ports de Balears and those that depend directly from the State and are controlled by the Balearic Port Authority (APB). On Thursday the two port institutions had a meeting to address, amongst other questions, a possible legislative and fiscal equalization.

"I appreciate that it is in our interest to bring the two institutions closer", he assured, and in continuation expanded that "for better or for worse, the marinas and the yacht clubs that are located in the ports of general interest, are interesting for the recreational yachting, and that, according to the laws of the market, has a value". He states that in the Balearics, the market has set the rates. "The Port Authority specifies the maximum tariffs for the tenders, but from there on the market determines whether further rates are being paid. As I believe in the private initiative and in the market, which have shown to be the formula of success for the APB, I understand we are on the right track", he reasons.

He maintains that "each club is a world apart, and things can´t be forced". According to the president, the concept of Ibiza can´t be transported to Mahon " because it is a question of culture, inertias , port structures, synergies and the services offered by the city where the port is located".

Read article in Diario de Ibiza.

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