Monday, October 28, 2013

Practical training in companies for CAEB pupils

CAEB/BSEF is going to organize courses of professional training that allows the participants to obtain certificates of competence for AUXILIARY OPERATIONS OF ADMINISTRATIVE AND GENERAL SERVICES and for ADMINISTRATION.Apart from the classes of theory, these courses include practical non-working training in companies doing administrative duties (40 hrs per pupil in the first alternative and 80 hrs per pupil in the second) to be had between October and middle of December. 

The practical training will not constitute a working contract between the pupil and the collaborating company, which is entitled to a subvention of 3 euros per pupil and hour of training. The collaborating companies are requested to dedicate a tutor from the company to follow up and to evaluate the progress of the pupil.

If your company is interested in collaborating in this programme, please contact María Montojo ( or tel. 971 70 60 08), and she will get back to you.

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