Thursday, August 9, 2012

FENIB, the College of Naval Architects and the College of Civil Engineers sign agreement to promote recreational yachting

The Federation of the Balearic Nautical Enterprises (FENIB), the College of Naval Engineers and the College of Civil Engineers have reached an active collaboration agreement during a meeting yesterday afternoon. Included as apart of that partnership are studies and proposals for improvement for the recreational yachting industry, for example issues of infrastructure, investment, implementation of legislation, promotion, training or R & D & I.

The marine industry in the Balearic Islands is a key sector for our community and it´s optimal development will undoubtedly boost the economy of the archipelago. That's why FENIB and it´s different member associations are working on a set of proposals and actions that will give the recreational yachting the economical and social weight that corresponds to it.

In brief this agreement will be implemented in a working group together with the public sector to achieve the institutional support that such initiatives from private entrepreneurs require in order to prosper.

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